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AsiaInvest Group to cooperate with The Edge Property (Singapore) to attract international investments in Real Estate in Vietnam. (8/2/2017)
On 29 January 2017, at the head office of The Edge Property – Singapore (TEP Singapore), representatives of AsiaInvest Group and TEP Singapore (www.theedgeproperty.com.sg) signed a bilateral cooperation agreement.

According to signed agreement, AsiaInvest and TEP Singapore made commitments to jointly assisting institutional investors, developers of international property projects and foreign individuals in seeking investment opportunities in Vietnamese real estate market. At the same time, TEP Singapore will coordinate with AsiaInvest and its member companies (AsiaReal, AsiaLaw) to implement such activities as communication, marketing, investment consulting and networking for real estate projects and real estate project developers in Vietnam with Singaporean market and Asian countries.
TEP Singapore, established in 2002, is a member of the EDGE Media Group – a Singaporean leading media group. It specializes in providing information, data and in-depth analysis to assist real estate investors in making accurate investment decisions. At present, TEP Singapore issues over 40,000 copies of real estate magazines weekly and gains more than 1.3 million viewers who are seeking investment opportunities in real estate on the online portal named The Edge monthly.


2015 Real Estate Investment Forum held by The Edge Property

The cooperation between AsiaInvest and TEP Singapore opens up channels to attract new investment from investors in Asia, attributably facilitating Vietnamese real estate market to continue integration and development. This is also an important progress in the implementation of joint investment promotion activities between AsiaInvest and VNREA, HNREA. Simultaneously, this cooperation will vigorously support AsiaReal to further boost its marketing of Vietnamese real estate projects to individual foreign investors.
                                                                                                                      By AsiaInvest
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