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Ten year development path of Vietnam Association of Corporate Directors - VACD (25/7/2017)
July 4th, 2017 marked 10 years since VACD officially came into operation (fromJuly 4th, 2007 to July 4th, 2017). VACD has been always staying focused onits initially definedgoals and missions throughout the development path.

Founded in the context of Vietnam’s accession to WTO and given great concerns about poor corporate governance and management of Vietnamese enterprises, VACD early defined its mission of building a better governance foundation for everyenterprise member and business community in Vietnam.

During 10 years of operation with 2 general meetings held, the associationhas carried out a number of necessary activities for its members and made positive contributions to the corporate governance of Vietnam. “We have a right to be proud of the Association”, affirmed Dr.Han Manh Tien, Chairmanin review of significant achievements and contributions of the Association to its members, the business community and the development of a better governance in the country.

Dr.Han Manh Tien- Chairman of the Association at its 10th Anniversary of establishment

On this occasion, Tien also expressed his deep gratitude to the strategic partners who have been closely cooperating with VACD throughout its path of development. According to Tien, the contributions of the partners are extremely valuable because of the fact that “everyonehas made constant efforts, direct contributions, provided both spiritual and material support to the Association to obtain proud achievements over the past perioddespitegreat concerns and responsibilities to their own enterprises”.

Partnered VACD from the early start, AsiaInvest has been always proud of being trusted and selected as one of strategic partners of VACD. AsiaInvest’s contributions and support have so far facilitatedthe development of the Association until today. This year, the 10th anniversary also marked 9 years since the signing of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between VACD and AsiaInvest(in 2008)that officially started a strongrelationshipfor big leaps later. Outstanding achievements, significant contributions to the national corporate governance and strong development of VACD today are proof of an effective and sustainable cooperation between VACD andAsiaInvest in the past 9 years.

Thereare three dynamic professional clubs which gather leading talents and experts in key areas of corporate governance including financial management, HR management, and Sales &marketing management. These areas are considered three “pillars” in all activities of VACD’s members. Vietnam Chief Financial Officer Club (VCFO), Vietnam Human Resources Club (VNHR), and Vietnam ChiefSales & Marketing Officers Club (CSMO) were allset upgiven great support from AsiaInvest, of whichVCFO has been sponsored by the Group.Additionally, Nguyen Ngoc Bach, Chairman of AsiaInvest, wasthe founder of VCFO,who laidthe foundations for the development of the club. Afterwards, AsiaInvest also supported VACD in the establishment and operation of VNHR andCSMO Vietnam.

The leadership of VACD, VCFO, VNHR and CSMO at the workshop on “risks in corporate governance” organized by three clubs

VACD has successfully organized dozens of consulting, policy review seminars, hundreds of training, coaching sessions related to various aspects of corporate governance and many other professional areas. AsiaInvest’s different roles in each event, either a joint organizer, a participant or a sponsor all made great contributions to the delivery ofmeaningful, practical activities to VACD’s members.

Moreover, given anoverarching international network, AsiaInvest has also helped VACD lookfor partnership and networking opportunities with international organizations, business associations and entrepreneurs to strongly promote international partnership programs and helpedits enterprise membersapproachpotential partners to integrate into the flow of investment, goods and services in Asia.AsiaInvest has recently fulfilled its role as an intermediaryin VACD’ssuccessful signing of Cooperation Memorandumwith EnterpriseAsia (AEx) on January 20th, 2017, as a result, creating more trade and investment opportunities as well as learning opportunities in order to improve governance capabilitiesof Vietnamese enterprises.

VACD’s signing the cooperation memorandumwith AEx on January 20, 2017

The way forward is stillfull of challenges and obstacles, however if “everyone makes a little bit of effort and contribution together with a devoted heart, we firmly believe that the corporategovernance system will get much better. Business community will thrive. The economy and the nation will grow stronggoing forwards”. This is the message conveyed by Dr. Han Manh Tien in the 10th anniversary to all VACD’s members and partners who have been and will continue cooperating closely with the Association to overcome challenges and reach new heights in the future.


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